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Subject: Seattle - Vancouver 100G Maintenance
Category: Scheduled Maintenance
TicketID: 20210422-003
Start Time: [[ '2021-04-23T05:00:00+00:00' | dateString]]
End Time: [[ '2021-04-23T11:00:00+00:00' | dateString]]


=== Updated by: Tao Zhang on [[ '2021-04-23T13:39:26.755948+00:00' | dateString ]] ===

Service provider has completed the fiber grooming activity. No more outages are expected.

=== Created by: Tao Zhang on [[ '2021-04-22T18:51:55.166438+00:00' | dateString ]] ===

Fibre vendor will conduct emergency fibre grooming change activity on the infrastructure during the noted window. outage could occur at any time during the window and last for periods of up to 6 Hours per service

Change reference number: 1893594