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Subject: Charlottown - St. Johns 10G Down
Category: Outage
TicketID: 20210423-001
Start Time: [[ '2021-04-23T09:35:38+00:00' | dateString]]
End Time: [[ '' | dateString]]


=== Updated by: Tao Zhang on [[ '2021-04-25T14:18:34.705593+00:00' | dateString ]] ===

The outage was due to a fiber cut in Charlottown region. Fiber has been repaired and services restored.

=== Created by: Tao Zhang on [[ '2021-04-23T14:36:16.392290+00:00' | dateString ]] ===

Canarie's Charlottown - St. John's 10G  has been down since the started time noted above. Service provider has been contacted for the reason of the outage. Traffic is being rerouted.