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Subject: Halifax - St.Johns Outage
Category: Outage
TicketID: 20230118-001
Start Time: 2023-01-17 17:32:24 EST (2023-01-17 22:32:24 UTC)
End Time: 2023-01-24 02:11:45 EST (2023-01-24 07:11:45 UTC)


=== Updated by: Richard Klinger on 2023-01-24 17:42:36 EST (2023-01-24 22:42:36 UTC) ===


=== Updated by: Jun Jian on 2023-01-19 09:14:38 EST (2023-01-19 14:14:38 UTC) ===

As of current, there is no timeline for this particular sub-sea repair. The ship is currently in the area repairing another sub-sea break and that one has a projected completion timeline of tomorrow (Friday the 20th) sometime. After which, the Argentia sub-sea fibre break will be addressed. The provider's Transport department is still working on attempting to migrate services around the break as a temporary solution until the repairs have been completed..


=== Updated by: Jun Jian on 2023-01-18 07:46:55 EST (2023-01-18 12:46:55 UTC) ===

A subsea fibre break was detected in Newfoundland between Spanish Room and Argentia. The provider is currently in the process of identifying the exact location of the break and arranging a vessel to make repairs.

No ETR is given currently. The provider is also preparing to re-route circuits to restore service in the interim.

=== Created by: Jun Jian on 2023-01-17 19:10:26 EST (2023-01-18 00:10:26 UTC) ===

At the listed time, the span between Halifax and St. Johns went down. All impacted services have been rerouted.

Contacting provider to address the issue.