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Subject: Montral 2 multiple connections are down
Category: Outage
TicketID: 20230303-001
Start Time: 2023-03-02 19:45:22 EST (2023-03-03 00:45:22 UTC)
End Time: 2023-03-06 22:36:08 EST (2023-03-07 03:36:08 UTC)


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=== Created by: Joshua Muysson on 2023-03-03 00:48:02 EST (2023-03-03 05:48:02 UTC) ===

Multiple fibre connections have gone down in Montreal due to errors on the equipment. This issue is being attempted to be fixed and the hardware provider has been contacted, in the mean time most of our peerings are uninterrupted, just reduced in capacity.

We thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.