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Subject: Canarie (ASN6509) - Google peering work
Category: Scheduled Maintenance
TicketID: 20230815-004
Start Time: 2023-08-22 06:00:00 EDT (2023-08-22 10:00:00 UTC)
End Time: 2023-08-22 08:00:00 EDT (2023-08-22 12:00:00 UTC)


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=== Created by: Richard Klinger on 2023-08-15 14:35:22 EDT (2023-08-15 18:35:22 UTC) ===

Canarie (ASN6509), will be performing migration work during the time noted in the ticket on the following Google - Canarie BGP peering.  The work will result in brief peering downtime and will be executed in a sequential manner but not necessarily in the order presented in the following list:

Google:, 2001:504:1a::34:6
Canarie:, 2001:504:1a::34:170

Google:, 2001:504:2d::18:72
Canarie:, 2001:504:2d::18:79