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Subject: Emergency Fibre clean at University of Winnipeg
Category: Scheduled Maintenance
TicketID: 20230905-001
Start Time: 2023-09-06 10:00:00 EDT (2023-09-06 14:00:00 UTC)
End Time: 2023-09-06 11:00:00 EDT (2023-09-06 15:00:00 UTC)


=== Updated by: Richard Klinger on 2023-09-07 09:52:18 EDT (2023-09-07 13:52:18 UTC) ===

The circuit has been running error free since the fiber path clean work has been complete.  Closing ticket.

=== Created by: Jun Jian on 2023-09-05 12:57:34 EDT (2023-09-05 16:57:34 UTC) ===

We will perform fibre patch cords clean to correct router interface errors on the Nokia router at University of Winnipeg. The work will affect the Layer2 connection 10030CS80-NRC-WNPG2-OTWA4, up to 10 minutes outage will be expected and the entire window has been reserved.