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Subject: Victoria Router ROM Upgrade
Category: Scheduled Maintenance
TicketID: 20231102-003
Start Time: 2023-11-26 08:00:00 EST (2023-11-26 13:00:00 UTC)
End Time: 2023-11-26 09:00:00 EST (2023-11-26 14:00:00 UTC)


=== Updated by: Tao Zhang on 2023-11-26 08:39:06 EST (2023-11-26 13:39:06 UTC) ===

Victoria router's firmware upgrade has been completed. Service restored. Closing ticket.

Should you experience any service issue, please contact

=== Updated by: Tao Zhang on 2023-11-26 08:11:46 EST (2023-11-26 13:11:46 UTC) ===

Victoria router firmware upgrade started.

=== Created by: Tao Zhang on 2023-11-02 14:03:53 EDT (2023-11-02 18:03:53 UTC) ===

We will be conducting ROM update on our Nokia router in Victoria BC at the listed time. The update requires a router reboot.

The following BGP peering services with AS6509 will be affected and unavailable for up to 30 minutes:


Impacted L2 Services:
 10370CS03-BCNET-VCTR3-VNCV1  (VLAN 2923)  
 10370CS04-BCNET-VCTR3-VNCV1  (VLAN 2924-2925)